WITHIN WITHOUT is an audiovisual performance first performed in theater Carré

WITHIN WITHOUT explores modern rituals in time and space in the form of an audiovisual gesamtkunstwerk. The work challenges our perception of space, investigating the connection between the space around us and the space within ourselves, inspired by the writings of Joseph Campbell. Under a floating, 10 meter diameter circle of light in the heart of Theater Carré, artists and musicians perform as a collective harmonic ensemble, while illusionary movements of light synchronously sharpen our senses. After a period of isolation, this shared experience reconnects us.

Nick Verstand – concept, light design, composition
Theater Carré – poduction and location
Max Cooper – music
Salvador Breed – music
Wes Broersen – software and light design
Sarah Neutkens – piano and composition
Rafaele Andrade – cello
Fer Kitzen – choir and composition
Kirsten Schoetteldreier – advice
Daniel de Bruin – hardware engineering
Jim Teunis – electonics engineering
Naivi – software developtment
Rigging Amsterdam
Wahlberg Motion Design – winches
Popcraft – production
Wout Panis – technical production